Rare Disease Day 2021

Today is Rare Disease Day 2021, a day to raise awareness about rare diseases and the lived experiences. Likewise, as part of rare disease day recognition, the theme of this year is rare is many, rare is strong, rare is proud.

Diagnosis: A Dad’s Perspective

I thought that it would be helpful to take the time to understand my son’s dad’s perspective on our son’s autism and chromosome diagnosis. Likewise, his dad has a diagnosis of 16p11.2 microduplication. I also wanted to know how he felt receiving a diagnosis later on in life (adult diagnosis).

Diagnosis: A Grandparent’s Perspective

I rarely find articles on grandparents discussing their point of view when it comes to their autistic grandchild/grandchildren. Hence, I thought that it would be interesting to have an informal discussion with my parents to find out their perspective.