February Half-Term 2021

The half-term holiday is now over, and today we have entered back into the routine of school. During the holidays, we brainstormed ideas and activities to do at home while in lockdown.

Wellbeing Check Up

Trying to parent, educate and dedicate time to look after one’s wellbeing during lockdown has been a challenge. I have been prioritising my child’s needs yet have moments of forgetting mine.

Reflecting on the Lockdown Experience

What an experience these past months have been. Before lockdown, I was tired of feeling anxious, so, made a referral for support. After, I completed a few cognitive behaviour therapy sessions to improve my mental health and address my thoughts. Around a month later, we went into lockdown.

The Health Triangle: Physical Health

For my son, I want him to learn about food nutrition and develop a healthy relationship with food. I want him to be able to enjoy the creative side of cooking, gain valuable life skills and understand the food process.