Relaxed SEN Session at Cadbury World

I have been so eager to share with you this post. Some of you may have guessed where we have been from my last post about our weekend in Birmingham. Yes, we only had gone and booked a relaxed SEN session at Cadbury World Visitor Centre!

The Relaxed SEN sessions are their latest addition, and I am so pleased about this. They offer both morning and afternoon SEN sessions.

Our Weekend in Birmingham

I was super excited to have the opportunity to visit Birmingham with my son and boyfriend, a place where I studied and lived over a decade ago!

We planned ahead of time of what we wanted to do for our weekend away.

A Family Day Out At Whipsnade Zoo

My boyfriend loves visiting zoos, seeing all the different animals. So, for his 40th birthday, he wanted us to go to Whipsnade Zoo.

We looked at a map of the zoo ahead of attending. Whipsnade Zoo has a visual story online, which is easy to follow and very informative.

Ironbridge Gorge Museum

Last Sunday, we ventured further out on a road trip to the Ironbridge Gorge Museum. As well as that, The Ironbridge Gorge Museum is situated in the village of Coalbrookdale in Shropshire. Moreover, we were looking forward to visiting the Blists Hill Victorian Town as part of our day out.

May Half Term

As my son was bonding with his dad, my partner and I attended the Celebration of Disability Sports Activities at Riverside Square in Bedford. The sun was beaming, and it was a lovely day to honour inclusive sports.

A Day Out at Thomley

Thomley is a 9 acre site in the countryside aimed to provide a supportive environment with “a wide variety of play, leisure, creative and vocational opportunities for disabled people” (Thomley Annual Review 2017) along with being a place for: “people of all abilities and disabilities.”

Bletchley Park: Vintage 1940s Christmas.

With the joyous occasion of Christmas soon approaching, I was delighted to discover that Bletchley Park were running a special ticketed event: A Vintage 1940s Autism Friendly Christmas Grotto.