Chocolate with a Social Cause: Harry Specters

Harry Specters is a business that creates award-winning luxury chocolate.

Their mission is to “raise awareness about autism” and generate employment for young autistic adults.

The Dentist Experience

Well, my son has always struggled with brushing his teeth. When he was younger, I had to brush his teeth, and he would scream the place down. It was almost like the toothpaste was burning his mouth. Every morning was a struggle. It was only from speaking to his Occupational Therapist I then realized that my son was sensory avoiding.

Autism and Sleep

As a young child, he would wake up and switch all of the lights on around the house. He has always had a disturbed sleep pattern and would wake up instantly full of energy on little sleep. Even his paediatrician said that some children naturally sleep less and that my child was one of them. At that point, I was laughing and crying at the same time.

Diagnosis: A Dad’s Perspective

I thought that it would be helpful to take the time to understand my son’s dad’s perspective on our son’s autism and chromosome diagnosis. Likewise, his dad has a diagnosis of 16p11.2 microduplication. I also wanted to know how he felt receiving a diagnosis later on in life (adult diagnosis).

Diagnosis: A Grandparent’s Perspective

I rarely find articles on grandparents discussing their point of view when it comes to their autistic grandchild/grandchildren. Hence, I thought that it would be interesting to have an informal discussion with my parents to find out their perspective.