February Half-Term 2021

The half-term holiday is now over, and today we have entered back into the routine of school. During the holidays, we brainstormed ideas and activities to do at home while in lockdown.

Steampunk Art

My son wanted to try a different style of art, thus decided to focus on Steampunk art. Steampunk art draws inspiration from the industrial revolution, which started in Great Britain and was more prominent during the Victorian era.

Art Studio at Home

A recurring theme throughout our blog is art. For us, art allows us to use what motivates and inspires us to create artwork. So what better way to explore different art forms then to set up an art studio at home.

Johnny 5

We watched WALL-E, which my son has probably seen fifteen times or so. He commented that WALL- E looked similar to Johnny 5. As soon as the movie finished, he wanted to watch Short Circuit and Short Circuit 2 (of course)

While watching Short Circuit, I randomly blurted out that it would be cool to recreate Johnny 5 out of cardboard.

Reflecting on the Lockdown Experience

What an experience these past months have been. Before lockdown, I was tired of feeling anxious, so, made a referral for support. After, I completed a few cognitive behaviour therapy sessions to improve my mental health and address my thoughts. Around a month later, we went into lockdown.

Indoor Beach

Living in a flat without a garden can be challenging during this time; however, my son came up with this brilliant idea. He said, “if we cannot play outside, then we can create our indoor beach”. (What a genius idea, so that is what we did).