Carers Week

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This week is Carers Week and is all about getting carers connected and ensuring that carers get the right support.

“Every day, 6,000 people become carers.”(

If you are caring for a parent, spouse, or any family member. Likewise, Caring for a friend, young carers, sandwich carers, care workers and parent carers. Your contribution and hard work matters.

Carers UK.

Carers UK is a national membership support charity for carers, who focus on making life better for carers. Additionally, Carers UK provides support and gives carers information and expert advice.

Local Support.

Firstly, you can search for Support Where You Live on the Carers UK website. There are three options: you can type in the organisation (if known), your region or the county you live in and then click on the search bar. Afterwards, you will be provided with a list of local services and support groups in and around your area.

Online support.

At times, it can be hard to get out and about to socialise while caring. Another way to stay connected is through online support, such as Facebook and Twitter. If you have a hobby, then you can join group pages to share common interests.

Furthermore, Carers UK have an Online Forum. You have the opportunity to share and receive advice with other carers, within a supportive community.

Digital Resources for Carers.

Carers UK has a help and advice page, which provides you with information about financial and practical support to health, your relationships and support at work. They also have a page dedicated to Carers’ Stories.

You can even download a digital copy of Carers UK: Looking After Someone.


You can join Carers UK for free and stay connected. You also receive a quarterly carers magazine, providing you with news, information on support services and carers events.

Disclaimer: I volunteer for Carers UK as an Insight Volunteer and am also a carer member. This post is for information purposes and was written as part of the Carers Week Campaign. I received no payment or any other compensation for this post.

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