Campbell Park


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Campbell Park is part of The Parks Trust and is in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Additionally, many events and festivals take place here, as well as the park being a place to go for leisurely walks. (The Tree Cathedral and Teardrop Lakes are two other locations part of The Parks Trust, which we previously visited too.)

I blog about our days out to different locations, and as part of that, I wanted to include Campbell Park because it is a place where you don’t necessarily have to do much but enjoy and take in the sights. We have sat down on the green fields and had picnics up here in the past, as well as going for walks. Here is a photo of my son at Campbell Park looking out at MK Gallery in the distance.

campbell-park, mk, mk-gallery, milton-keynes, buckinghamshire
My son at Campbell Park.

There are also art pieces around the park to admire, such as the Light Pyramid. (Which you can see in the distance).

light-pyramid, light-pyramid-at-campbell-park
Light Pyramid.

MK Rose at Campbell Park.

mk-rose, campbell-park, milton-keynes
MK Rose.

Here at the park is MK Rose, which is a place of remembrance and celebration. Furthermore, pillars here mark special occasions.

MK Disability Awareness Day.

disability-awareness-day, mk-dad, milton-keynes-disability-awareness-day

This year and in previous years, I have attended Milton Keynes Disability Awareness Day (MK DAD) at the MK Rose.

mk-disability-awareness-day, mk-dad, milton-keynes,
MK Disability Awareness Day.

The awareness day is a day of celebrating the arts and local talent of the disability community. It is just a great day to celebrate with each other.

MK International Festival.

kinetika-flags, mk-international-festival
Kinetika Flags.

All around the MK Rose are these colourful geometric Kinetika Flags, as part of MK International Festival, with the flags focusing on several design themes, including going outdoors and nature.

Of course, my son wanted to get a photo in of him standing at the MK Rose with the Kinetika Flags in the background.

kinetika-flags, international-festival
Kinetika Flags at MK Rose.

The Festival of History.

English Civil War Banner.

A few years back, my partner, son and I all attended The Festival of History, which took place at Campbell Park. It was both educational and entertaining to see historical events re-enacted by actors. There were photo prop stands and archery too.

I am all for interactive learning, which enhances my son’s understanding of education and the world. Plus, it is a fun way of learning.

Disclaimer: This post is for educational and informational purposes and on personal experience. I received no payment or any other compensation for this post.

Well, the Campbell Park blog is the last of the Tour de Buckinghamshire series. Although, we have previously visited Buckinghamshire County Museum,  a farm called Animal Antiks, and Waddesdon Manor, all of which are also in Buckinghamshire.

Our Next location on our blog tour is: Tour de Bedfordshire.