Cambridge Science Festival: Autism Friendly Hour


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25th Anniversary.

This year, the Cambridge Science Festival celebrated their 25th Anniversary. They also hosted a hands-on at the Guildhall: autism-friendly hour! My son and I have attended the festival before in 2017, so this was our second visit and my partner’s first.

Autism-Friendly Hour.

The autism-friendly hour started from 11am until 12pm and on arrival, we received a lanyard, which had a map of The Guildhall and the rooms where the activities will take place.

cambridge science festival lanyard, science festival, autism friendly hour
Cambridge Science Festival Lanyard.

NHS Genomics Medicine Service.

First stop, the NHS Genomics Medicine Service team, where we explored genes and discovering our past. Meanwhile, my son enjoyed matching sequenced patterns to find out a person’s origins.

Plasma Ball.

My son was fascinated by the plasma ball, and as he placed his fingers onto the globe, he felt the heat which was created from the electric current and energy flow.

Institute of Engineering and Technology.

We casually moved towards the stall for the Institute of Engineering and Technology, where we were shown how to build an LED torch.

making your own led torch, science festival, autism friendly hour, cambridge
My son’s LED torch.

Afterward, we gazed over at a train circuit, where the train ran on stored energy. My son also participated in the activity.

Every time we had completed a stall, we were then given a sticker.

engineering sticker, autism friendly hour, science festival
I discovered engineering sticker.

Metabolic Research Laboratories.

We headed over to the Metabolic Research Laboratories and MRC Metabolic Diseases Unit stall, where my son took part in the Glucose Challenge. Above all, this was a fun way to educate children about diabetes and blood glucose.

Egg Case of a Shark.

All of us had to figure out the items on the table. Firstly, one object, which we could not guess happened to be a Port Jackson Shark Egg Case! Who would have known?

Under the Microscope.

From comparing skin and plant cells using a microscope, followed by holding an Ostrich egg to a human skull. (which my son thought was very cool!) All in all, there was plenty to do.


Finally, we finished off the day by having some lunch followed by admiring the architecture in Cambridge.

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Disclaimer: This blog is based on personal experience from our visit to Cambridge.

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