Blogging: Two Years On


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I have been blogging now for over two years. A lot’s changed since when I first started.

New Look.

website with a new tagline.

As you may have noticed, my website has undergone a makeover! I even have a tagline: “Arts and Crafts, Autism and Life.” My website has the addition of an accessibility toolbar too.

Unusual Decision for Blogging.

social media
social media.

I have decided as a blogger to narrow my social media avenues for peace of mind. It is part of my learning experience over the years to set healthy boundaries.

I have had so many genuine conversations with lovely people (which I am thankful for); however, there is also another side to social media that is not as pleasant.

Our Story.

my son and I.

We have many factors which influence our lives and experiences. My son’s family (both sides combined) has a fusion of Italian, Sicilian, English, Scottish, Portuguese, and Black Caribbean. Art has also heavily influenced us as a family, and has played an essential part in our lives, from freedom of expression and showcasing individuality without harsh judgement.

Blogging 2021.

Blogging 2021.

The blog will focus on my son’s interests, and after this year, I want to have more blogs that are uplifting and makes us smile. After the year that everyone has had, we need something to uplift our hearts.

Here are a few ideas of what my son and I have listed of what the blog will focus on next year:


colourful artwork
colourful artwork.

There is so much more for my son to explore the world of art. We will be exploring different art movements, themes, line, shape, pattern, and colour. I cannot wait to see my son’s artwork develop and see which direction it will go.

Science Experiments.

science at home.

Looking back at our blogs, we were both in agreement that we had so much fun with the science experiment kits. My son loves it when we create science experiments at home.

Product Reviews.

products to review.

This year I planned on doing a lot more product reviews but did not manage to do so. Next year I will be reviewing assistive technology, kitchen aids and products that help with independent living. All products that I will be reviewing will be something that my son uses.

Food Fusion.

combining food flavours, food fushion
combining food flavours.

My son enjoys experimenting and fusing contrasting flavours of food. He is keen on creating new food concepts or changing ingredients of original recipes. I always encourage creativity and love that he is coming up with his ideas.


be kind and accept each other.

I will still be blogging about awareness days around autism, rare conditions and any other awareness days that have a lot of meaning to us and our experiences; Although, I will not just stick to these days to speak about these issues. I am not keen on the concept of speaking on significant issues for just that day, week, or month. These are ongoing issues that I will write about throughout the year as and when they impact us.

Wellbeing Blogs.

looking after myself.

Writing about my mental health and wellbeing in a self-check-up form was helpful. I have taken the time to reflect on what has been going on in my life. I am going to continue to capture different moments and experiences that I go through as it is essential to be open about these experiences.

Random Day Blogs.

random blogging.

At times, I am a bit spontaneous and do not want to deny myself the freedom to be me. Sometimes some blogs do not fit in within any category, so I am happy with the inclusion of our random day blogs. These are blogs that do not fit the perceived traditional criteria within a structured blog. (Blogs that will confuse the algorithm).

So, this blog is a little snapshot of all the good things yet to come.

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