Part Four: Hampton Court Palace

In 2018, Myself (designated driver), my partner and my son drove to Hampton Court Palace for their Food Festival. We strategically booked tickets to attend the last day of the event, which was on a Sunday. (The last day of the festival, hence not as busy).

Part Three: National Space Centre

As we arrived at the National Space Centre, we saw this magnificent Space Shuttle Intelsat Satellite Cradle in front of the museum. There was also a pioneer statue at the front.

Rare Disease Day 2021

Today is Rare Disease Day 2021, a day to raise awareness about rare diseases and the lived experiences. Likewise, as part of rare disease day recognition, the theme of this year is rare is many, rare is strong, rare is proud.

February Half-Term 2021

The half-term holiday is now over, and today we have entered back into the routine of school. During the holidays, we brainstormed ideas and activities to do at home while in lockdown.

Wellbeing Check Up

Trying to parent, educate and dedicate time to look after one’s wellbeing during lockdown has been a challenge. I have been prioritising my child’s needs yet have moments of forgetting mine.

Steampunk Art

My son wanted to try a different style of art, thus decided to focus on Steampunk art. Steampunk art draws inspiration from the industrial revolution, which started in Great Britain and was more prominent during the Victorian era.

Art Studio at Home

A recurring theme throughout our blog is art. For us, art allows us to use what motivates and inspires us to create artwork. So what better way to explore different art forms then to set up an art studio at home.