Warner Bros Studio Tour: Harry Potter

For my partner’s birthday; We decided to go to Warner Bros Studios Tour: The Making of Harry Potter. Warner Bros Studio is in Watford. As this was my son’s first time visiting, he made sure to watch all the Harry Potter film series in preparation. Useful Information. Warner Bros Studio Tour has a sensory roomContinue reading “Warner Bros Studio Tour: Harry Potter”

Day 5: Christmas Advent

Day Five. On the fifth day of advent, the fidget calendars gave to me: Squeezy Pea Keyring. The Works calendar revealed to me (on day 5 of Christmas Advent): a squeezy pea fidget toy. Sphere Puzzle. I opened the Nensiche advent calendar, and I got a sphere fidget puzzle. Robin Applause. It is time toContinue reading “Day 5: Christmas Advent”

Day 4: Christmas Advent

Day Four. On the fourth day of advent, the fidget calendars gave to me: Marble Mesh Keyring. The Works calendar revealed to me a yellow marble mesh keyring. Push Pop Bubble Sensory Toy. I opened the Nensiche advent calendar, and I got a circular push pop it bubble sensory fidget toy. (green, white, pink, andContinue reading “Day 4: Christmas Advent”

Day 3: Christmas Advent

Day Three. On the third day of advent, the fidget calendars gave to me: Squeezy Ball. The Works calendar revealed a green, sticky squeezy ball. Stretchy Twisty Tubes. I opened the Nensiche advent calendar, and I got two stretchy twisty tubes. (One green, the other orange). Snowman Applause. It is time to vote: Which fidgetContinue reading “Day 3: Christmas Advent”

Sleeping Beauty and the Beast.

Battersea Arts Centre. In February 2020, The Battersea Arts Centre was launched as the world’s first relaxed venue, creating an inclusive space for all. Furthermore, they believe in the power of performance and want to encourage positive change. The Battersea Arts Centre also provides resources so that artists can develop unconventional and bold ideas toContinue reading “Sleeping Beauty and the Beast.”

Day 2: Christmas Advent

Day Two. On the second day of advent, the fidget calendars gave to me: Mini Fidget Spinner. The Works advent calendar revealed to me a brown mini fidget spinner. Sphere Puzzle. I opened the Nensiche calendar, and I got a colourful sphere puzzle fidget toy. Santa Claws’ Applause. It is time to vote: Which fidgetContinue reading “Day 2: Christmas Advent”

Day 1: Christmas Advent

Day One. On the first day of advent, I opened the calendar and here are the fidget toys revealed: Twist n Lock Fidget Toy. I opened The Works Christmas advent calendar to see a colourful rainbow twist n lock fidget toy. Infinity Space Cube. The Nensiche advent calendar gave me a cool infinity space cube.Continue reading “Day 1: Christmas Advent”

Fidget Toy Advent Calendars

Christmas Advent Calendars. Christmas is fast approaching, so what better way to get into the festive spirit than to explore two fantastic Christmas advent calendars. Every day of advent, I will be opening each number to unveil cool fidget toys. So, here are the two fidget toy advent calendars of which I will be reviewing:Continue reading “Fidget Toy Advent Calendars”

Mum and Dad

Dear Mum and Dad; THANK YOU for believing in me. Chapter One: The Beginning. Remember all the times I was TURNED DOWN and told, no? That day they tried to suspend me from school? Seeing the behaviour, but not finding out the CAUSE. That day I had enough and refused to go back? I wasContinue reading “Mum and Dad”

Lost World Golf

Earlier this year, we drove to Stevenage Leisure Park; to go to Mr Mulligan’s Lost World Golf. When my son, partner and I went to Lost World Golf, there was a one-way system in place and a sign saying: “please wait until the next hole is free, thank you.” (Creating distance between each group). ThereContinue reading “Lost World Golf”

Verulamium Museum

The Verulamium Museum is in St Albans and has a display of historical artefacts from Roman Britain. Likewise, the museum is situated where the city of Verulamium was. (A bit of history on the blog for you). Firstly, I had to pre-book our tickets online, which was the purchase of a child ticket costing onlyContinue reading “Verulamium Museum”

Knebworth House

Towards the end of summer, my son and I headed over to Knebworth in Stevenage to visit the gardens. Furthermore, it was our first time visiting. Tickets. As I purchased our tickets, I got a carer to pass complimentary tickets (as I was accompanying my son). See their website details of the requirements to meetContinue reading “Knebworth House”

Tour de Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire. I previously wrote a series blog on Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Thus, our third tour blog series focuses on tourist places in Hertfordshire. First of all, Hertfordshire is a county located in the East of England region. Likewise, for our third blog tour, here is what is to come from our Tour de Hertfordshire series:Continue reading “Tour de Hertfordshire”

Halloween at Blenheim Palace

Firstly, we all decided to attend the Halloween at Blenheim Palace after dark trail, with our time slot at 7:30 pm. Moreover, Blenheim Palace is in Woodstock, Oxfordshire. I pre-ordered our tickets online, including the purchase of a free Carer’s ticket. Likewise, a couple of days before the Halloween event, I received an email withContinue reading “Halloween at Blenheim Palace”