Blast From The Past Series!


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Blast From The Past.

As a blogger, I enjoy writing about many topics, and one I was looking forward to blogging more about was our days out. Well, it is safe to say that that idea is on hold. So, after thirty minutes of pondering, I had an idea. To write a series on a few of our days out from the past. I am delighted to introduce to you my: Blast from the Past series. (ooh, I hear you say).

We have a mixture of experiences in this series, from visiting historical attractions, a bit of sand and sea, to explore all that a national space museum has to offer. Furthermore, I have decided to approach this series by presenting our days out from the past in four parts:

Part One: Beside the Seaside.

sea, seaside
Part One: Beside the Seaside.

The seaside blog includes a recount of our days out to Brighton, Torquay, and Great Yarmouth. Beside the Seaside Link.

Part Two: The Roman Baths.

the roman baths
Part Two: The Roman Baths.

As part of the Blast from the Past series, Part Two focuses on my partners and my visit to the heritage attraction, better known as The Roman Baths. (a couple’s getaway). The Roman Baths Link.

Part Three: National Space Centre.

space suit
Part Three: National Space Centre.

My son, his dad and I visited The National Space Centre in Leicester. It is one museum that we would like to revisit. National Space Centre Link.

Part Four: Hampton Court Palace.

tudor costumes
Part Four: Hampton Court Palace.

My partner, son and I visited Hampton Court Palace for a food festival. There were even roleplay actors dressed up in Tudor costumes. Hampton Court Palace Link .

I do not know about you, but I need a bit of nostalgia, and what better way to uplift my soul than to blog about our happy memories. Thus, I hope you enjoy our blast from the past experiences at popular English tourist attractions, museum, and seaside locations.

Disclaimer: The contents of this post is for information and entertainment purposes and is based on personal experience.

The days out mentioned in the blog are based on past experiences. (before lockdown). The attractions and places mentioned in this blog are temporarily closed due to lockdown. (in line with the government’s guidance).

I received no payment or any other compensation for this post.

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