Bekonscot Model Village and Railway


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My son and I headed over to Bekonscot Model Village and Railway, located in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. In addition, the model village has a large display of miniature figures; and model trains and railways to boast. (It must take plenty of skill, patience, and steady hands to create these figures.)


Before heading to the tourist attraction, I had a look on the internet for pre-planning information. I found out that Bekonscot has linked up with Twinkl; and has a staycation guide on the Twinkl website. These include free resources on the Bekonscot Model Village and Railway, such as colouring in activity sheets and word searches. Furthermore, the Bekonscot website has downloadable activities and workbooks.

We brought with us the transport workbook, where we had to see if we could find the different types of transport all around the model village.

Tickets and Guidebook.

Firstly, I purchased a carer and a disabled ticket. (Both costing £5.90 each), as well as a guidebook at the cost of £4.00. (The guidebook has the list of trains models in a section of the book, including images and construction dates). 

Lastly, allocated time slots to book are online; to ensure a steady flow of people entering in and out of the village.

Welcome to Bekonscot.

20th Birthday.

We could see in front of us the number 20 golden balloons by the mini railway. Additionally, the balloons were to celebrate the model village’s 20th birthday.

Chessnade Zoo.

chessnade, chessnade-zoo
Chessnade Gate.

There were many miniature animals dotted all around the area of Chessnade Zoo. Additionally, I took a photo of the white polar bears standing on the rocks as this was my son’s favourite part of the zoo. Moreover, the water was falling down the rocks too.

white-polar-bears, chessnade-zoo
White Polar Bears at Chessnade Zoo.

Bekonberry Castle.

Standing by the miniature Castle, you get a beautiful view of most of the model village. My son also liked observing the castle.

Clark College at Bekonscot Town.

clark-college, clark-college-at-bekonscot-model-village, bekonscot-model-village
Clark College.

At first, I did not know what the building was until I looked through our guidebook. Thus, I then discovered that it was Clark College set in Bekonscot Town.

Trains and Railway.

Transport Guide Checklist.

My son was on a mission to find all the types of transport on the checklist. Furthermore, to note, he found all of them, not me, as I was rubbish at finding them. (I kept walking past the transport on the list every time).

Son at Bekonscot Model Village.

The best part of the tour for us was the miniature railways and trains passing by in all directions. (It also felt like a fully operating working town).


tennis, miniature-figures
Playing Tennis

The miniature cricket and also tennis displays caused us to become interested. (Grabbed our attention). Additionally, my parents are fans of cricket, so I wanted to take a photo of them.

Playing Cricket.

There is a racecourse towards the end of the tour, with its very own spectators in their stands watching the horse racing.

Fairground and Fishing Village.

south-pool-fishing-village, miniature-models, boats
South Pool Fishing Village.

Firstly, in the Newtown area is the South Pool fishing village, where there were many boats with intricate designs. There was also a fairground displayed with funfair rides.

fairground, fairground-at-bekonscot-model-village
The Fairground.

Additionally, you could hear the funfair music while approaching this part of town.

The Scenery at Bekonscot.

wychwood-castle, sydney-harbour-bridge
Wychwood Castle overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Towards the far end of the village is a viewing point, where you can go upstairs to see the model village up to high. (Not too high). Besides, it was nice to see the model village from a different perspective. In addition, my son spotted Wychwood Castle and stood watching the trains going across the Sydney Bridge. He also spotted fish (real fish, not models) swimming in the lake.

fish-swimming-in-the-lake, fish
fish swimming in the lake

Funicular Railway and Windmill.

funicular-railway, funicular, railway
Funicular Railway.

The funicular railway at the mountainside had a motor that pulled the cables up and down the slope. Additionally, I didn’t have any clue what the name of this railway was (and knew that my son would ask). I thought it was like a ski lift. Hence, that’s why I purchased the guidebook; otherwise, I would have made up names as I went along.

The white windmill stood in the middle of the field, moving in slow motion as the trains went around it.

white-windmill, windmill
White Windmill.

Wishing Well.

As we headed near the end of our tour, my son threw a couple of coins into the wishing well to make a wish.

Making a wish at the wishing well.

Bekonscot Hills.

Lastly, my son wanted me to take a photo of the Bekonscot sign on the hills towards the exit. We may not have the Hollywood Hills, but we have the Bekonscot hills sign right here.

bekonscot-sign, bekonscot
Bekonscot sign on the hills.

Disclaimer: This post is for educational and informational purposes and on personal experience. I received no payment or any other compensation for this post.

Next on our Tour de Buckinghamshire is our visit to Stowe.