Balloon Splatter Painting


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The content of the post focuses on personal experience. Balloon splatter painting is a messy activity and not for anyone who becomes distressed by the sound of balloons popping. Adult supervision is also required.

Splatter Painting.

We decided to try something different, a messy adventure in art experimenting. Yes, my son and I wanted to explore balloon splatter painting.

First, we used an A3 white canvas, which I covered in Mars Black paint. Moreover, the paint used was acrylic pouring paint, which has a runnier, fluid consistency (compared to traditional acrylic paint).

black art canvas
A3 Black Canvas.

Once dry, we filled one white balloon with Titanium White and Fluorescent Pink paint and air.

My son then suggested filling up another balloon, so we did. This time, my son filled the second balloon with Scarlet Red and Ultramarine Blue paint. (These two colours combined make purple).

We decided to glue on black pieces of Punchinella, (which came in one of the sensory boxes that we ordered from MK Gallery) onto the canvas.

Messy Art.

It was time. (Looking back on the activity, I have realised that we should have put newspaper down and worn art aprons). Back to the past, when I thought a black tuff tray was large enough to keep the mess in one place.

My son decided he wanted to burst the balloon (filled with paint) with a skewer as I held the balloon in place on the black canvas. Next, with careful precision, he slowly pressed the skewer down until the balloon burst, and the pink paint splattered all over the canvas.

An important note to make is that some paint also went over me. 

We repeated the same process with the second balloon. However, this time we were more cautious.

Space Ghosts.

My son squeezed Fluorescent Green paint in random places onto the canvas and then used a wooden lollypop stick to make curved patterns.

splatter painting
fluorescent green paint.

Afterwards, he commented that the detail reminded him of ghosts, with the background looking like space. (As a coincidence, the shade of black paint that we used is called Mars Black)

Finally, with all this in mind, he decided to name the art piece Space Ghosts.

Space Ghosts.

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