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History of Autism Bedfordshire.

Firstly, Autism Bedfordshire is a voluntary organisation, which was founded in 1991. They provide emotional and practical support for families in the Bedfordshire, and Luton areas.

I am a member of Autism Bedfordshire. I previously volunteered to take part in Autism Bedfordshire’s fundraising event: Cycle to Santa.

cycle to santa
Cycle to Santa.

Below is a timeline of Autism Bedfordshire. This shows their transition from when they were first founded:

As a charity, they understand the challenges for autistic people from trying to fit in. Also, people dealing with crippling anxiety, not being able to express how they feel.

Autism Bedfordshire highlights the difficulty for parents. Difficulties can include avoiding taking their kids out to places due to the reactions from people. Families then can feel isolated, causing a huge impact on their emotional wellbeing. Likewise, Autism Bedfordshire explains that there are financial difficulties on families. Furthermore, with at least one parent not being able to work due to their caring responsibilities.

Summer Activity Scheme.

Autism Bedfordshire offers a summer programme, which is running at two locations: Bedford, and Luton. Moreover, families of children/young people who are autistic may need a break from their caring responsibilities. It is also beneficial to the child/young person attending as it helps them to develop their social skills and independence.

summer activity scheme.

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The summer programme is highly staffed with a staff support ratio of 1:1 or 2:1. (Depending on the need of the individual). Additionally, the service is tailored to the individual’s needs. Furthermore, staff review the child’s preference using a detailed profile that the parents fill out. The profile outlines communication methods, behaviour traits, dietary needs, and calming techniques.

All employed and voluntary staff receive training on autism and behaviour, communication, safeguarding, policies and procedures. They also receive training on the Early Years Foundation Stage. Additionally, some are also trained in music therapy and demand avoidance.

The Luton Junior Scheme was inspected on 25th July 2017 by Ofsted. The scheme was awarded outstanding for effectiveness, quality of learning and personal development, and quality of service with passion. For example, a member whose son attended the Luton Summer Scheme in 2018 commented: “The activities are really good. My son went on a boat for the first time with Autism Beds!”

Loads of Autistic Fun (L.O.A.F).

L.O.A.F run groups in four locations across the county. L.O.A.F is run on a Saturday morning, and the whole family can attend. Additionally, the group provides a range of social, educational, and physical activities to engage with support from staff. During 2017-2018, 2,094 hours of short breaks and support were enjoyed by parents/carers from this service. (Autism Bedfordshire Annual Report 2017-2018).

Wanted Fun.

In 2003, parents wanted a social group for their teenage children. So, in 2004 Autism Bedfordshire introduced Wanted Fun for young people with Asperger Syndrome, aged 10-17. During 2017-2018, 70 sessions of Wanted Fun were provided. Each session runs for 2-3 hours. (Autism Bedfordshire Annual Report 2017-2018).

Adult Services.

Firstly, adulthood can be difficult for an autistic person. They may also struggle with social interaction and may need help to live independently. Likewise, having a service, which helps build confidence and self-esteem is a lifeline for many adults.

Adult Services provide courses on money handling, cooking, and healthy lifestyles and also understanding their diagnosis. They also provide employment courses, which include interview practice, how to write a CV and accessing work placements, volunteering job roles and paid work.

100% of adults said that they felt less isolated and that they have improved their skills as a result of attending their courses. Furthermore, 100 % of adults feel more confident about preparing for an interview after accessing their employment support programme. (Autism Bedfordshire Annual Report 2017-2018).

social groups.

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The social groups include activities such as walking, gardening, pub trips and just hanging out, building friendships.

Training Sessions.

During 2017-2018, 329 parents/carers accessed training and 365 practitioners through Autism Bedfordshire. (Annual Report 2017-2018).

They provide many insightful courses for practitioners and parents/carers such as Autism in the Classroom, Using Social Stories, and Autism and Mental Health.

autism in the classroom course, autism, bedfordshire
autism in the classroom.

They also hold a monthly support group for parents and carers of autistic adults. This is in partnership with Carers in Bedfordshire and covers topics such as Housing, Benefits and Health.

Charity Shops.

Both Autism Bedfordshire charity shops came together with help from the community, including local tradespeople, businesses, and friends of Autism Bedfordshire.

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To find out more about Autism Bedfordshire, follow the link below:

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Disclaimer: This blog is for information purposes only. Additionally, I am a registered patient member of Autism Bedfordshire. I volunteered to write this post. I received no payment or any other compensation for this post.

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