August 2020

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School Uniform.

It’s August 2020, and I booked in a 15-minute appointment to get my son’s feet measured for school shoes. The process to go shoe shopping was pretty straight forward. My son preferred it this way compared to previous years where we would have to get a ticket and wait in a queue for a while.

As for the school uniform (and PE kit), I measured my son’s waist for school shirts and a jumper. I then ordered his school uniform online, which we received two days later. Overall, it was not as stressful experience. Although, the only upsetting part was paying for it. (So expensive).

Still in a Relationship.

My partner and I do not live together so, at the beginning of this unprecedented time, I was unsure if I would still have a relationship at all with the lockdown and social distancing. Furthermore, in August 2020, the social restrictions have been a lot and has tested us as a couple. However, looking back at the past months, it has made us stronger. We both understand and appreciate each other.

I also had to do some soul searching and confronting myself. I previously experienced burnout and felt that as a whole, torn down; but now I’m a person who has better clarity of their internal and external environment.


When I chose the name for the blog, to us, positivity represents an overall outlook in life, and how we feel about ourselves. That is not to say that we never go through any struggles. I feel that I have highlighted our times of struggle throughout the blog too.

Blogging is subjective, and for me, I wanted to have a focal point on a side that I feel sometimes gets overlooked, autistic skills. I can only go off from personal experience, and while working as a learning support assistant.

How a person sees themselves and their diagnosis, is entirely personal to that person, and they have a right to feel how they want to feel. Same for my son, and that will not change based on anyone else’s vision of how they see him, or perception of how they think he should represent himself.


I take time to read many blogs to understand and educate myself on different points of view and experiences; as well as a similar experience and points of view to mine and my son’s. We are truly diverse.

From PDA, non-verbal autism, Asperger’s, challenging behaviour, autistic with a learning disability, autistic adults, disability, rare disease, chronic and life limiting diseases, discussing race and cultural barriers, and social and environmental barriers, and the list goes on. Every experience has its right to be heard.

It is all love and respect coming from us.

Disclaimer: The contents of this blog is on personal experience, and opinion.