Art Studio at Home


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A recurring theme throughout our blog is art. For us, art allows us to use what motivates and inspires us to create artwork. So what better way to explore different art forms then to set up an art studio at home.  

Well, we have finally created a small art studio at the back of our living room, which is what both my son and I need during this lockdown period. The art studio was in the process of being developed for months now.

It is all about making the most out of our home space and having fun as a family. Furthermore, creativity helps with our mental health and wellbeing during spending longer time indoors.

Art Studio.

We have an adjustable art easel stand, (like a true artist) and blank canvases to paint. The tuff tray also gets used for floor-based artwork.

Having the option of an adjustable easel stand, tuff tray and desk with chair allows my son to have the flexibility on what positions and angles he chooses to create his art. Besides, how he creates art is dependent on how he feels and what works best for his fine motor skills and sensory needs.

Tuff tray allows for more heavy-work (rolling out air-dry clay) and works in a larger space, which allows for more proprioceptive input. Although he sometimes prefers creating paintings sitting upright. (It is all about choice).

Purchased initially for remote learning, the folding desk with chair is a perfect addition to our art studio. (I bought the sketchbook separately).

art table, art station, art desk
art table.

Like an Artist.

Art studio.

My son has always wanted a wooden paint palette to use.

wooden paint palette
wooden paint palette.

The one we have had got a hole so that you can secure the palette with your thumb while painting. Of course, we have paintbrushes too and a paintbrush holder for them.

Art Supplies.

We have gradually built up most of our art supplies over the years, and my son has received art supplies as gifts too for Christmas and previous birthdays.

We have a Drawer Tower where half is for school resources, and the other half contains art supplies.

felt tip pens
felt tip pens.

In the first drawer, we have paint marker pens, permanent markers, and felt tip pens (small and thick, and long). Over time, I have bought a range of felt tip pens to see which lids are easy for my son to open and which ones he finds best to grasp while colouring in.

wood slices, crafts
Wood Slices.

The second drawer contains round wood slices for painting or drawing decorative craft images for the house. The wood slices have a drilled hole at the top to put string or ribbon through to hang up.

scented pencils
Scented Pencils, stirrers and pipettes.

There are scented markers and scented pencils in the third drawer.

There are pipette droppers and wooden stick paint stirrers. (for liquid art, and science experiments at home).


The fourth drawer has coloured card and paper.

Storage Circle Holder.

storage centre, art supplies, pencils with grip
storage centre.

It is useful to have everything organised and in one place with a Storage Circle Holder. I have loaded our holder up with:

  • Pritt Sticks.
  • PVA glue.
  • Crayons.
  • Gel pens.
  • Colouring pencils.
  • Felt tip pens.
  • Pencils.
  • Scissors.
  • Colouring pencils with grips. (easy and more comfortable to hold).

Arts and Crafts Organiser.

Arts and crafts organiser
Arts and Crafts organiser.

The portable art and crafts organiser has plenty of space, including pull out trays for storage. In the organiser, we store our acrylic paints and acrylic pens.

We now have pastel pencils and graphite pencils (soft too hard lead) to include in our collection. (gifts) My son’s dad bought our son an artist smock to wear while painting.

Acrylic Paint Pouring.

paint pouring supplies
paint pouring supplies.

Last year, my son enjoyed liquid art, so we have a set of acrylic pouring paint, which has acrylic mixed in with medium to make the paint thinner to pour. There is also a nice set of flower painting strainers, which help create unique patterns while pouring the liquid paint onto the canvas.

Craft Supplies.

bags of fabric
Bags of fabric.

Let us not forget about crafts too when it comes to having a tour of our art studio. There are a few bags of fabric and felt.

art supplies
glue and air-dry clay.

We also have air dry clay and tools, rolling pin, printmaking tools, glue guns and sticks, and glue spreaders.

planks of wood and polystyrene blocks.

I have kept a spray bottle, planks of wood, and polystyrene blocks, which can be used for art if my son wishes to use them.

Cardboard, larger pieces kept in the cupboard and smaller pieces in a storage box, forms part of our recycled art. We refrain from throwing cardboard away and reuse it instead to make incredible arts and craft.

Lastly, I hope to collect jars throughout the year to store any cogs, buttons, and smaller craft accessories.

art space, art at home
Art Space.

I hope you enjoyed the online tour of our art studio! We also have an Art Gallery Page dedicated to showcasing my son’s artwork on the blog.

This blog is based on personal experience. There has been no payment or any commission received from the products shown in the photos.