April Self-Check-Up

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The Past Weeks.

Overall, in April, my son has handled the change and transition to being educated at home well (better than I expected). Although I’ve had previous experience teaching as a 1:1, it’s different when you are teaching your child full time. Plus, I worked in Early Years, which is different learning altogether.

We are making the situation work by doing what’s best for us as in approach, learning style, and incorporating sensory and wellbeing activities too (like yoga, art and sports).

As my son has a rare chromosome condition, I have been reluctant to go into the shops for food, as I don’t want to risk his health. My partner doesn’t live with us, so it has just been myself and son at home.

At first, my mother was getting us food from the shop and dropping it off to my flat. I wasn’t comfortable with her going into the shops getting us food, but her point of view is my son has a rare condition, so his health is our priority. My partner then took over food shopping and dropped our food off to us. He hasn’t been inside our flat. During this time, we have had contact with him over the phone and by FaceTiming.

Two days ago, I managed to get food delivery from online (not from our usual place). I tell you, it felt like Christmas. I am happy as it means my mum and partner don’t have to go out to the shops for us. Once this is over, I will be shopping differently to the way we used to.

April Check-Up.

I previously wrote a post on Self-Discovery, where I created planners for 2020. From this, I have decided to do an April self-check-up:

Three things that made me feel happy .

  1. Spending more quality time with my son.
  2. Painting.
  3. Getting a food delivery.

Three things that I am good at .

  1. Crafts.
  2. Baking.
  3. Multitasking.

What would I like to improve in my life?

Not to worry so much about the future.

Name a place I enjoyed visiting last month.

Well, what feels like a very long time ago, (before we were in isolation), we went up to the Dunstable Downs.

One new skill I would like to learn.

To be able to speak more sentences in Italian.

One positive word.


My strengths.

Crafts and coming up with new ideas.

My weaknesses.

Overthinking and trying to do everything.

How can I be healthier?

To snack more on fruit rather than crisps.

What do I look for in a friend?


How can I be more resourceful?

Continue being creative, and find solutions with what we have around the flat.

What are your hobbies?

Baking and art.

Me Time Activities.

This April, I have been doing a lot of mindfulness colouring and have been watching documentaries in the evenings when my son’s sleeping. I watched Tiger King, The Two Popes, Self Made series, and most recently Crip Camp.

Crip Camp is about a disability revolution in the 70s from a camp in America. The documentary is based in the 70s and is still relevant today. I was emotionally moved and deeply touch while watching (I even shed a tear). I came away from watching the documentary feeling empowered to continue to do what’s best for and right by my son no matter what barriers we face. For me, it put everything into perspective, and I liked the fact that people with different types of disabilities collectively came together for the cause. (Click here if you want to read up more about the Disability Rights Movement).

All in all, my son and I are going at our own pace. (Taking it day by day).