An Exclusive Evening at 360 Play


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360 Indoor Play Area.

360 play sign in milton keynes, indoor play area
360 Play sign in Milton Keynes.

Located in Milton Keynes. 360 Play is a great indoor play area for children, young people and the young at heart.

Interestingly, on the first Friday of each month (6:30pm-8:30pm), 360 has an exclusive evening for families of children with disabilities. In addition, there’s no pre-booking needed, you just simply turn up and pay. Furthermore, the price is £6.00 per child (1-12 years) with free entry for adults. (Siblings and friends are welcome to attend too).

SEND Exclusive Evenings.

The exclusive evenings for children with disabilities was introduced in 2009 and was piloted in 360 Milton Keynes. It is now a popular and permanent fixture. From previous experience, indoor play areas are usually overcrowded, so having this exclusive evening is ideal for my son.

Indoor Play Area in Milton Keynes.

Firstly, with full use of the facilities, we were raring to go!

Likewise, being a big kid, I had to join in the fun as well. (only for blogging purposes of course…).

Above all, there were three things that I noticed:

  1. The evening was laid back and comfortable.
  2. How much fun my son was having being able to have ease of access to all facilities without feeling overcrowded.
  3. How really unfit I was.

Meanwhile, my son cooked me a pizza, followed by a little dance off in the dance area. Afterwards, we played a fun game of noughts and crosses:

noughts and crosses game, indoor play area
Noughts and crosses game at 360 Play Milton Keynes.

Subsequently, I noticed that you could purchase coffees, teas, and cold refreshments at their cafe.

All in all, both my son and I enjoyed our evening at 360 Play in Milton Keynes.

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