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I can empathise with the mask situation as I am aware that there are sensory issues for some autistic people with wearing them. In our case, my son has been wearing a neck warmer (to cover his mouth) way before COVID. His reasoning for this is because of the flies. He dislikes flying insects moving near to his face, and you tend to get more insects flying about this time of year.

Cervical Screening.

Cervical Screening.

Recently, I had received a letter saying that I was due a cervical screening. Although I was slightly nervous about going into the doctor’s surgery, I understood how important it was not to miss this screening, so it was my choice to go for the check-up.

Due to the nature of the screening, my partner looked after my son while I went to the doctors. Waiting inside the doctor surgery was an easy process. I felt reassured.

(There is an easy read guide on cervical screening for women with learning disabilities on the government website, for informational purposes).

End of School Year 2020.

End of School Year 2020, memories
End of School Year 2020.

Finally, the week is here, the last week of school and the start of the summer holidays. We have made it! Well done, everyone!

What an experience this has been, slightly confusing, unsettling, memorable, but somehow, we have made it work for us. There is a slight sadness to it all with this being my son’s last year at primary school, an unusual way to end things. We have been discussing his transition to a new school, and like everyone, it is hard to know what September holds; Although, it is essential to support my son and prepare him for this change in education.

I decided to mark the end of primary school and a start into a new journey for my son by buying him a memories photo album, whereby he can choose what photos he would like to store inside the album. It is a nice, and uplifting way to look at the positives of this situation and to note that amongst the uncertainty, there were good times.

2020 balloons

The balloons are ready to put into the front room for when he wakes up tomorrow. I am so proud of his achievements throughout the years, and it is both emotional and amazing to see him developed and figuring out who he wants to be in life. (Well done son, I love you).

Disclaimer: The content in this post is based on personal experience and contains a segment on discussing cervical screening.

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