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I’m Yvonne, the content creator of the Positively Yvonne blog. I am also a dyslexic blogger, but most importantly a parent. Being a mother is such an amazing life experience!

Like my son, I am also creative, enjoying art and painting. I am also interested in baking and poetry too.

Firstly, with input from my son, together we capture awesome experiences that I write about. Furthermore, we enjoy looking back at our memories, and at all our photos on the blog.

Secondly, passion for me comes from being innovative and authentic. So, I’m dedicated to raising awareness of my son’s rare chromo: a microduplication of chromosome 16p11.2.

Lastly, I write about the autistic experience, so that anyone reading this blog is able to understand, accept and value my son’s skills, ideas and character.

“Acceptance and inclusion are everything!” Yvonne (blogger).

Work and Education.

Firstly, I have previous experience working as a one to one Learning Support Assistant (in mainstream school).

I have also worked in the hotel industry (in the UK and USA, many departments and job roles), food retail, and business administration. Additionally my degree is in Hospitality and Food Management, and also have an educational background in art and design, and design technology.

Any Questions?

Lastly, I have given some insight about me and the blog; so, if you have any questions that you would like to ask me (about my blog), please get in touch by clicking on the Contact Page button below:

CPD Certificates and Workshops.

  • Autism and Demand Avoidance Workshop 2019.
  • Children on the Spectrum: Anxiety and Self Esteem Workshop 2018.
  • EHCP Annual Review Training 2018.
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) Training 2018 (Phase 1, 2 , 3 & 4).
  • CPD Certificate in Understand Attachment 2018.
  • CPD Certificate in Awareness of Abuse and Neglect 2018.
  • Mindblindness/Positive Traits/Communication/Preoccupations/Sensory Interests/Repetitive Behaviours and Social & Emotional Development Workshop 2017.
  • CPD Certificate in Safeguarding Children in Education 2017.
  • CPD Certificate in a Whole Family Approach 2017.
  • Occupational Therapy Workshop: Sensory Processing Strategies Programme 2017.
  • CPD Certificate in Children & Young People’s Development in Health and Social Care Settings 2017.
  • CPD Certificate in Communication in Health and Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings 2017.
  • 1-2-3 Magic Behavioural Management Programme 2017.
  • CPD Certificate in Early Development 2017.
  • CPD Certificate in Short Breaks for Disabled Children 2017.
  • Certificate (CPD) in working with Children with Disabilities 2017.
  • Managing Anger Workshop 2016.
  • Sensory Needs Workshop 2016.

Social Media Accounts.


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Likewise, here is a link to my Privacy Policy Page of my website, which explains in more detail about copyright, external links, cookies and more: Privacy Page.