A Poem For Parents

Estimated reading time: 1 minute

Supportive, Ethical, Nurturing, Devoted Parent.

The multitasker who ensures that everything runs smoothly, 
Seeing more than a diagnosis but true beauty. 
Allowing our children to feel free and soar high like a bird, 
To advocate so that their voices remain heard.

With appointments and meetings, sometimes one after another, 
Having several jobs, yet trying to fit in the time to just being a mother. 
With a hurricane of paperwork heading in your direction, 
Feeling like you are holding up bridges to build that connection.

You stay centred in the eye of the storm, rain and cold air, 
Embodying superhuman strength, while saying “I’m not going nowhere!” 
To highlight and make mainstream the work that you do, 
Respect to the supportive parents, well done you!

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