A Halloween Treat

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Halloween: The Blue Bucket.

the blue halloween bucket for autism
Blue Halloween Bucket.

I took my son out trick-or-treating this evening. My boyfriend bought my son a blue Halloween bucket for this year, which was much appreciated.

I find the blue bucket a great idea, and you’ll be surprised at how many people are aware of the meaning behind it. If my son wants to go trick-or-treating again next year, he will be using it. As he gets older, and if he still wants to go trick-or-treating, then I have no problems with him doing so. It’s just having that awareness that not only younger children like going out trick-or-treating.


My son has been trick-or-treating in previous years; however, this year, he enjoyed it the most. I remember once he sprinted off and I had to go running after him. Times have changed, and he is no longer anxious about knocking on people’s doors (with adult supervision), other people wearing masks and dogs barking. He has embraced the concept.

Halloween Night.

He dressed up as Slappy the Dummy, (of course) and we knocked only on the doors of the houses that had pumpkins outside. Everyone was so friendly, and they were impressed with my son’s Slappy the Dummy costume.

Below are a few photos from this evening. I know that my son’s special interest is Slappy, but boy does that mask look scary! Look if you dare!

We wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

Slappy The Dummy Costume.