A Family Day Out At Whipsnade Zoo

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Firstly, my boyfriend loves visiting zoos, seeing all the different animals. So, for his 40th birthday, he wanted us to go to Whipsnade Zoo, Bedfordshire. My son has visited Whipsnade Zoo several times before; therefore, this zoo was familiar to him, and to us.

Whipsnade Zoo Visual Story.

We looked at a map of the zoo ahead of attending. Additionally, Whipsnade Zoo has a visual story online, which is easy to follow and very informative.

The Whipsnade Zoo visual story covers:

  • Before visiting.
  • On arrival.
  • A map of the zoo.
  • Identifying workers at the zoo.
  • Transport at the zoo.
  • Big/small/free-roaming animals.
  • Sensory information for people with sensory sensitivities.
  • Animal talks.
  • Places to eat.

The ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, Bedfordshire accessibility page on their website provides information on the ramp access around the zoo, wheelchair access, and accessible toilets, also including a changing place facility at the Butterfly House. A carer is entitled to free entry into Whipsnade Zoo when you pay for a visitor with additional needs.

The ticket prices vary depending on peak and off-peak days, so I recommend checking the prices online before arrival. Likewise, you can buy a ticket with or without a donation. So, we booked our tickets online, getting a 10% discount off the gate price. Then, I purchased a disabled child ticket, where a carer goes free.

40th Birthday.

I made my boyfriend wear a 40 badge for the day. So I told him to embrace his age. (He doesn’t look his age).

40 badge whipsnade
40 badge.

At the Zoo.

First place on the map, Europe, and we spotted a Wolverine looking out.

photo of a wolverine at whipsnade, wolverine, wolverine at whipsnade zoo, whipsnade bedfordshire
Photo of a Wolverine at Whipsnade.

We stopped to take in the enchanting views of the landscape, which we all appreciated. It’s just amazing to have this natural beauty close to home.

We then headed over to admire the loveable penguins.

We travelled over to Africa, on the map, to watch the giraffes eat. My son and boyfriend were excited to see the giraffes up so close.

We saw a few free-roaming Maras around the zoo.

free roaming maras, maras, mara at whipsnade, whipsnade bedfordshire
A free roaming Maras.

The Lionesses were all relaxed, sleeping and taking it easy.

Lunchtime approached, so we found a lovely spot, placed a blanket down and enjoyed our food.

eating food at whipsnade
Eating food at Whipsnade.

We managed to see the rhinos and zebras from afar, then after we drove through the Whipsnade safari part of the zoo, overlooking the deer and camels.

After, we set off to Asia on the map to see the Asian elephants. I thoroughly enjoyed this part as elephants are my favourite animal.

asian elephants at whipsnade zoo, whipsnade zoo bedfordshire, whipsnade bedfordshire
Asian Elephants at Whipsnade Zoo.

Butterfly House.

It was so mesmerising watching the different butterflies fly over our heads in the butterfly house.

Whipsnade Aquarium.

All three of us love aquariums, so we couldn’t wait to see Whipsnade Zoo’s new aquarium. We were enchanted by all the fish, including the mangrove of the Caribbean.

aquarium and butterfly house.

We had such a wonderful time at Whipsnade Zoo, and it was a great birthday experience for my boyfriend.

My son and boyfriend overlooking the African Hunting Dogs.

Disclaimer: I received no payment or any other compensation for writing this blog. The blog is based on our personal experience of visiting Whipsnade Zoo.

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  1. I love how many tourist attractions are now putting social stories and sensory information up on their websites. It makes a huge difference to me even as an adult to be able to go in knowing roughly what to expect.

    It’s great that you had such a wonderful experience 🙂 I’m not sure that I have a favourite animal.