10 Things To Do This Summer

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It is fair to say that this summer will be a challenge on deciding on what to do. My son and I have been brainstorming ideas of what we are comfortable in doing this summer as well and keeping us entertained. Here is our list of ideas of what you can do this summer:

1. Summer Movie Bingo.

Summer Movie Bingo.

Watching movies as a family is always a fun activity to do. To add to the fun, I have created a movie template with 12 squares listing movies genres. You select a movie from each category to watch, and once complete, you put a line through the square.

movie bingo
movie bingo with stickers.

You can use stickers if you want to like my son has.

using a sticker for movie bingo.

I have also created a template for those who prefer to write down specific movies into each box.

Summer Movie Templates.

2. Decorating Garden Ornaments.

Garden Ornaments
Decorating Garden Ornaments.

To make good use of time, you can create or paint ornaments for your garden. You can decorate a gnome, plant pots and toadstools. If you do not have a garden, like us, there is no need to worry. You can decorate and ornament to go into a family member’s garden.

My son painted a birdhouse, which will go into his dad’s garden. (making birdseed cakes too).

Birdseed mini cakes.

(It is better to use weather-resistant paints for garden ornaments).

3. Painting Outdoors.

Painting Outdoors.

If you are an inspiring artist or enjoy being creative, how about taking your love for art into the outdoors?

We used both acrylic paints and paint pens to paint pebbles.

Allow the outdoors to inspire you by creating beautiful landscape drawings. Or even create a modern colour and tone art piece using a natural colour palette and painting the shapes that you can see outside.

4. Drive-in Cinema Experience.

Drive-in Cinema Experience.

We have wanted to try out the drive-in cinema experience for years, and what better opportunity to than ever. You are in the comfort of your car, social distancing from others and appreciate having a unique cinema experience outside.

5. Lunch Outside.

Lunch Outside
Lunch Outside.

With lovely weather during summer, it is always a go-to for us to grab a blanket, our foldable chairs and some food and bottles of water and find a quiet place to sit down. It is also calming to see greenery all around.

6. Playing Board games (Outside).

playing board games outside, playing board games
playing board games outside.

My son loves playing board games, and apart from creating art, this was one main activity that we played during the lockdown. Sometimes it is good to have a change of scenery, so taking our board games outside, (while social distancing and keeping safe) makes the experience feel new again.

7. Walking Outdoors.

Walking Outdoors.

Going for regular walks helps improve mental and physical health. I have found people, while walking, to be respectful of personal space and do keep their distance. If you are still unsure, I would recommend choosing times of the day to go out and areas that are not overcrowded to go for walks.

8. Create a Photo Album This Summer.

Create a Photo Album.

Why not create a summer photo album of photos that you take of wildlife, flowers, and beautiful landscapes while you go for your walks. Or you can collect photos of all your fun experiences in summer so that you have fond memories to look back on. Yes, 2020 has been a testing year for all, but having a photo album to look at the happier times during an unusual situation can help uplift you in the times that you need it the most.

9. Scenic Drive.

Scenic Drive.

Going for a scenic drive helps me feel more connected to the outdoors and is an escape from seeing buildings and concrete all around. It is an opportunity to take in the beauty of nature. You could even create a checklist for the passengers to tick off any animals and landmarks they might see during the drive. You could also write a diary entry after each road trip you go on.

10. Virtual Museum Tours & Virtual Summer Clubs.

virtual museum tours.

There are plenty of virtual museum tours to look at online to keep you entertained this summer. For social clubs, some have moved to online to create a virtual summer club experience to help people stay connected and have as much of a social experience as possible.

Disclaimer: This blog is to be only used for ideas and is not a set list of what you should do this summer. It is your discretion to decide what to do. Please refer to the staying safe outside your home government guidance, the government guidance for vulnerable people, and clinically extremely vulnerable people to help.

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