Hello, I’m Yvonne, a mother who also has a creative son, who loves art and crafts, and science experiments. He is also autistic and additionally has a rare chromosome condition: 16p11.2 Microduplication. I run the Positively Yvonne blog.

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Dyslexic Blogger.

Like my son, I also faced barriers at school with my learning differences, only later to discover at university that I’m dyslexic. Furthermore, you can read About Me to find out a little more about why I chose to create the Positively Yvonne blog.

What to expect.

So, the main focus of my blog is around art , autism and life; but, I also cover niche topics (from our experiences) such as my son’s rare chromo and discussing neurodiversity and disability from a multicultural perspective.

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Here is what to expect on the Positively Yvonne blog:

As well as blogs, there are plenty of creative artwork made by my son throughout the blog too! Please visit our Art Gallery Page to view more art.

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The Positively Yvonne blog offers content that can also be listened to with the option of the “listen to this page” button. Furthermore, at the start of every post is a table of contents and estimated reading time.

On the Home Page, there is a Google Translate drop-down bar, which allows you to translate the posts into another language. Also, at the bottom of the Home Page is an accessibility toolbar, which gives you the option to adjust the font size and contrast.

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